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Car Park Waterproofing

Car Park Waterproofing | Southern Liquid Systems

At Southern Liquid Systems, we can provide durable liquid waterproofing solutions to car parks of all sizes.

Liquid applied waterproofing systems are commonly specified to be used on multi-storey car parks with heavy usage. The reason for this is the use of a liquid applied waterproofing system significantly enhances the life expectancy of the car park. And provides a neat, durable and seamless finish.

For these reasons liquid applied waterproofing systems have built up an enviable track record when it comes to waterproofing car parks. Which has made it a go to solution for specifiers, architects and engineers all over the world.

Car Parks have unique demands when it comes to waterproofing. This is due to them being exposed structures which are vulnerable to a variety of problems including by the weather, de-icing salts, exhaust fumes water, chemicals, chlorides and UV radiation.

If a car parks deck joints or surface waterproofing suffer froms failure severe maintenance issues can arise for the multi-storey car parks owner and leaking to the deck below can occur. In the long run corrosion of the steel supporting the car park can corrode and the integrity of the car parks structure can be compromised.

Advantages of Liquid Applied Waterproofing for Car Parks

• Cost effective, long-term protection

• Increased life span for both new and existing structures

• Extremely easy to mix apply

• Durable, effective protection

• Resistant to fire, petrol, diesel and brake fluid

• Thin-section, lightweight material

• Friendly to both the applicator and the environment

• Aesthetically pleasing bright, clearly laid out and attractive car parks

Elastomeric, resistant to UV damage and exhibits excellent colour stability

• Seamless membranes, capable of bridging the cracks and joints often caused by traffic movement or thermal expansion.

Of all the waterproofing systems that are installed to various roofs, podiums, balconies, steps, car parks are without a doubt the hardest to install. This I because they are exposed to aggressive and corrosive factors such as wheels turning on them diesel spills, carbon dioxide gases, water, oil and de-icing salts. Most of the top decks and highly exposed areas are against UV attack and freeze/ thaw cycles from water ingress. A lot of the old car park coatings could not deal with the most common car park fault which is ‘crack bridging’.

However, modern systems such as Triflex and Sika products can cope with these problems within there system. Todays' car park must meet satisfy stringent health and safety regulations, especially in terms of slip and skid resistance. Most of traditional car parks were laid in mastic asphalt this was a 2-part system that is hand laid up to 50mm thick. This consisted of 1-2 coats of asphalt on a separating membrane and a hard top or wearing coat added. Now a days nearly all liquid coatings can be applied as a overlay to the asphalt or tarmac surfaces. One thing that has to be observed more than anything else is the preparation. All blown asphalt ahs to be reinforced and flattened out, deep cracks infilled or reinforced and the surface has to be cleaned and scrapped back to allow the coatings to fully adhere to the substrate; de-bonding of materials and crack bridging are the most common faults of car park coatings.

The upstand details should be at least 150mm above the deck level and surfaces such as ramp/ stairs should have ample traction for vehicles and foot traffic alike. As you can see car park waterproofing is the most complex system on the market and only skilled manufacturers and installers should be allowed to carry out these works.

If you have any questions on liquid waterproofing a car park of any size or require a quotation on an upcoming project please get in touch or call us on 0207 7818153. One of our expert surveyors will be happy to help you.